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Easiest Father's Day Recipes!

Don't fight the crowds with a sub par meal at a restaurant! We've got some quick and delish dinner ideas for Father's Day that will really show him how much you love and appreciate him! Happy Father's Day to all the Daddy's out there!

Seabass on Potato Rafts, Chicken Fingers, Everything Bagel Asparagus, Hash Brown Potato Casserole

On this week’s episode for Father’s Day, we polled all three of our Dads asking what their favorite dish is that we’ve made them. D2 always requests Seabass on Potato Rafts, Big D claims we’ve never made him fried chicken but we do have a stellar recipe for it and Daddy Ashley is sweet on Whitney’s Lemon Ice Box pie. Rather than fighting the crowds, stay home and choose from one of our easy, peasy dinner ideas for the Daddy in your life!

Easy Yet Elegant Meal for Dad

Our Seabass on Potato Rafts might be the easiest and most elegant dinner you will ever make! The crispy, garlicky potatoes along with the lemony, buttery seabass makes the perfect bite. We love it because you can prep and cook the potato rafts in advance and bake the fish right before you're ready to eat. It's a one plate dinner that looks as beautiful as it delish!

Get The Kids Involved

All our Dads love fried chicken but if you've ever made it you know its a pain in the ass and a huge mess. Our Fried Chicken Fingers are just as delicious, easier for clean up and you can have the kiddos help you do the dredging! Serve with some of our super speedy sides like Everything Bagel Asparagus and Momma Ashley's Hash Brown Potato Casserole!

Don't forget Dessert!

Our Lemon Ice Box Pie is as sweet as Dad is! Another great recipe to get the kiddos involved as it requires no baking which is perfect for the Summer time heat. It’s so simple but tastes luscious, lemony, and divine!


Serve it up!

What are you cooking up for Father's Day? Send us a note!

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