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The Hey Sis, Eat This Hotline!

If you’ve listened to the Hey Sis, Eat This podcast, we love a good story! Now we want to hear from you!

Call the Hey Sis Eat This Hotline today with your funny stories! 1-866- HEYSIS(443-9747)

Call us at 866-4-HeySis
Hey Sis Hotline

You've been listening to us, so now it's time we hear from you! Please call our new Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast Hotline and let us know your thoughts. We want to hear everything! From your Kitchen Conundrums and Panty Dropping (PD) recipes to funny stories revolving around your mom. We love moms so much that we'll even take an endearing memory of your mom that you’d like to share. We want it all!

If you’re struggling to think of something, take a gander at the topics we commonly talk about with our Hey Sis sibling guests and see if it jogs any memories.


We love a good story about mom! If your mom is anything like Momma Ashley, she makes you LOL, and on Hey Sis, Eat This, we LOVE to laugh! Which topics below remind you of a funny story involving your mom?

  • Getting into trouble

  • Holiday traditions

  • Family vacations

  • Discipline/grounding/spanking

  • Dating advice

  • Sex talk

  • Hoarding

  • Expiration dates

  • Alcohol/Drinking

  • First boyfriend/ girlfriend

  • House parties

  • Fights

  • Manners

  • Pets

  • Driving/ car accidents

  • Sickness

  • Injuries

  • Hygiene

  • Mom guilt

  • Hobbies

  • Haircuts/grooming

  • Pranks

Call the Hey Sis, Eat This Hotline

Did ya think of something funny to tell us? Then call us at 866-4 HEYSIS or 866-443-9747

Now go make yourself a dirty martini and listen to the next episode of Hey Sis, Eat This on Spotify, Apple Music, or I Heart to hear the latest and the greatest from Courtney, Whitney & Momma Ashley.


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