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Season 2, Episode 49: The Apples Don’t Fall Far From the Tree

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 49: The Apples Don’t Fall Far From the Tree

Hey Y'all! Welcome back to Season 2 of the Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast! After a much needed 2 and half month hiatus, we are thrilled to start our second season with non other than the “STAR” of the show, Momma Ashley and her sister, our beloved Aunt Martha. 

We kick off the first episode with Courtney, Whitney and Momma Ashley catching up about their time off from podcasting, sharing recipes, refrigerator organizing tips and new martini olive ideas. Courtney then feels the need to share her recent near death experience after sliding through her dog’s diarrhea in the middle of the night and even has a video to share of the harrowing yet hilarious incident. 

Next we are joined by Aunt Martha. Momma Ashley and “Aunt Marta” reminisce about their family and the love of cooking and entertaining that runs deep through multiple generations of women in their family. 

We begin with stories about their maternal grandmother, Gram, who was known for constantly  throwing parties and hosting elaborate dinners. She was a founding member of the Silly Tillies dinner club, a group of friends who would rotate hosting dinner parties their entire adult life which lasted until the members were too old to continue. After Whitney’s failed attempt to revive the Silly Tillies in LA, she is determined to bring it back to life and continue the legacy with her new circle of friends in Dallas.

Possessing less of a passion for entertaining but a wonderful cook in her own right was Martha May, Courtney and Whitney’s grandmother whom they lovingly called Ahmay. According to Aunt Martha, Ahmay was a self taught naturalist who had a passion for gardening and an insatiable desire to learn and teach others. Court & Whit hear first hand from their own mother and aunt what it was like around their childhood dinner table where good manners were strictly enforced, Ahmay's delicious Sloppy Joe's were served and the childhood pet, Billy the Parakeet, was known to make the occasional appearance walking through the mashed potatoes.

Then, after years of feeling like she can never live up to Momma Ashley’s holiday expectations, Courtney confronts both her mom and aunt on the pressure she feels to recreate the “magical” Christmas they experienced as children in the 50’s. Questions are answered and blame is placed all while deciding that July might be a better time to celebrate “the most wonderful time of the year!” 

In true Hey Sis fashion, we’re starting Season 2 with lots of love and laughter in this multi generational episode of family tales and favorite meals. Whether it’s blue cheese, feta stuffed or just plain old green olives, pour that martini, shake it hard, make it dirty and say cheers to a new season of the Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast! Love You, Love Your Show!


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney

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