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Episode 45: Sisters Dish - Gabbing & Gobbling

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 45: Sisters Dish - Gabbing & Gobbling

On this very food heavy episode of Sisters Dish, hot off Thanksgiving, we have our all time favorite guest and resident chef, Momma Ashley join us for a holiday recap of recipes and kitchen tips. From traditional Ashley family favorites to a few new experimental dishes, we dive deep into ingredients, hacks and kitchen conundrums from the biggest meal of the year.

In Dallas, it was a wild and crazy Thanksgiving with kids running a muck on Viewside Drive, further confirming Lance and Whitney’s choice to not have children. Courtney on the other hand, still recovering from a Pecan Pie kitchen conundrum from last year decided to order her desserts from Winston Pies, getting out of cooking all together.

The night before Thanksgiving, Whitney spent the evening with our dear friend and designer Jessica Maros, creating a gorgeous table scape for the big dinner. This fun filled night of florals and tequila resulted in a kitchen conundrum with Whitney leaving the frozen onions for the fam fave Onions Almondine on the counter over night. Whitney took a page from Momma Ashley's book with an “It'll be fine” and chose to go ahead and serve them anyway.

Down at Momma Ashley’s house, Momma was in charge of making the family favorite, Cornbread Dressin’. However when it tasted a little off, she started fearing that she was losing her taste buds just like her grandmother did around her age. All in all, the dinner was a hit including the usually forbidden Thanksgiving side of mashed potatoes. This uncouth tradition, according to Momma Ashley, lead to a deeper discussion about different methods of cooking mashed potatoes. A conversation where even Momma Ashley might have to admit that her mashed potatoes have been beat!

To round out the holiday weekend, Courtney’s daughters perform a pole dancing competition for her which ends with a very angry father.

We have so much to be grateful for this year including anyone and everyone who listened to this podcast!

Thanks Y'all!


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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