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Episode 4: "Burned AF" Okra Tastes Better!

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 4: "Burned AF" Okra Tastes Better!

This week on Hey Sis, Eat This, the sisters call up Momma Ashley to discuss childhood memories of Valentines, the inappropriate gifts that were given and how Momma and Courtney were super popular in elementary school.  They also get into the best recipes from Whit's "Galentines" party and Court's Tex-Mex Super Bowl spread.

Then the girls sit down with their beloved father, Glenn and his 13 month older sister, Aunt Karen to talk about growing up in the 50’s with a mom who did not enjoy cooking and who preferred to use paper plates for all major holidays. They also highlight the many shenanigans that went on in Courtney and Whitney’s childhood and how Glenn now tries to recreate his ex-wife, momma Ashely’s, signature dishes for his husband, Drew. 

While discussing her complex culinary style that was a combination of French Canadian and Texas Country, Glenn & Karen dish on how their mom, Shirley, AKA Granny, only cooked out of necessity but did the best she could, with lots of cheese and lots of sausage, burning dinners along the way. The sisters discover that their love of extremely crispy okra comes from Granny burning the hell out of it whenever she’d cook it. 

We dive deep into family pranks from the sister’s childhood and discover that between whale watching and home perms to exotic birds in the backyard, it’s a miracle none of the Ashley’s ended up in jail or without car insurance. Hide your remote controls because the Ashley’s take a trip down memory lane that will leave you wondering how mama Ashley put up with all these crazy people!



Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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