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Episode 17: Holy Mary Mother of Twins

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast
HEY SIS, EAT THIS PODCAST: Ep 17 Holy Mary Mother of Twins

Episode 17: Holy Mary Mother of Twins

It’s double the fun on this weeks episode of Hey Sis, Eat This with identical twin sisters, Mary and Emily Bishea. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago this duo gave Momma Mary Rita a run for her money from day one! With their heartbeats in synch for the entire pregnancy, the doctors were not even aware that Mary Rita was pregnant with twins until she screamed “there’s another one coming!!” 10 minutes later and without a name picked out, Mary Margaret was born.

We learn how a young Momma Mary Rita navigated parenthood with unexpected twins. From painting pinky nails with nail polish to tell them apart to dressing them alike for way too long, Mary Rita did her best to keep these two in line. When little brother Spike came along a few years later, Mary Rita was really put to the test, when a hot dog chocking incident almost ended with a tracheotomy.

Despite the drama, she always had dinner on the table whether it was her famous lasagna or the kids most dreaded dish, chicken baked in milk. The twins recall how an over protective Mary Rita got out of giving the sex talk, sheltered them from dirty movies, and generously gave them her famous white Ford Windstar that became the backdrop for many teenage tales.

Twins Emily and Mary share it all including the times they used their identical looks to get up to some pretty elaborate pranks. Most importantly, they share their love and appreciation for Mary Rita and for all she has done and still does for them today. We promise you will laugh twice as hard and have double the fun on this special episode!


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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