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S2, Ep 13: The Queen of The Air Fryer, Cathy Yoder

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

S2, Episode 13: The Queen of The Air Fryer, Cathy Yoder

After days without power, last week, Whitney’s back in business but has majorly pissed of Momma Ashley in the midsts of trying to help her salvage her freezer items.  Courtney's in summer mode, grilling shrimps on the barbie and cooking primarily for herself since no one in her family appreciates her food. 

Then, get ready for a crispy, crunchy, interview with Cathy Yoder, the Real Air Fryer Queen of Youtube! Join us as we dive into Cathy's journey through the digital food realm, from blogging to cooking on Youtube, where her mission has always been to empower cooks everywhere.

Cathy spills the beans on getting dinner on the table for her family of 10 as well as how her pandemic adventures changed the course of her career. She also gives credit where credit is due, acknowledging her wonderful mother’s unyielding support and encouragement of anything she ever tried.

Then, Cathy demystifies the air-fryer for us and inspires us to experiment with some Hey Sis/Empowered Cooks recipe collabs! She also shares some air fryer hacks that'll majorly up your weeknight dinner.

So, grab your oven mitts because this episode is hotter than a basket full of freshly air- fried potatoes. Hey Sis, are you ready to eat this?

All Things Cathy Yoder:

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About Hey Sis, Eat This

We are two sisters, born and raised in Texas, who share a love of food, friends, and a wicked sense of humor! On the Hey Sis, Eat This podcast, we celebrate moms and meals, inspired by our very own Momma Ashley, a former chef and always the hostess with the mostess!

What you'll hear:

  • What we've been cookin', who we've been entertainin', and any kitchen conundrums of the week... often in our Momma's Texas accent

  • Chatting with siblings about what it was like around their dinner table growing up, favorite family recipes and stories that celebrate moms

  • Interviews with celebrity chefs, restaurateurs, and culinary entrepreneurs about the influence and inspiration from their moms

  • Weekly recipes from us and our guests posted out the Hey Sis, Eat This website

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Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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