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S2, Ep 12: Champagne & Goldfish with The Riley Sisters

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

S2, Episode 12: Goldfish & Champagne with The Riley Sisters

We almost didn’t make it on air this week due to turbulent Texas weather that left Whitney without electricity for days! But thanks to their electric truck by Rivian supplying power to their whole neighborhood, the show is able to go on.

And that is a wonderful thing considering we have on two extraordinary sisters, Julia Martin, host of the Dream Your Life Podcast, and Aili Nahas, former West Coast editor of People Magazine. These effervescent sibs bring tips on how to manifest your dreams, the secret to being interesting and a famous Brazilian recipe that is without a doubt everyone in the family’s favorite meal!

We also learn all about their Momma Nancy who was a passionate chef, world traveler, international tax attorney, and even speaks six languages. Hear how her curiosity and passion for life lives on through her daughters and how she continues to inspire them today.

Aili and Julia reminisce on their colorful childhood that included family saunas, adventurous vacations and unconventional party snacks that pair perfectly with champagne.

We also learn how Momma Nancy’s generosity and compassion for others knows no limits. Always ready to lend a hand whether in Julia and Aili’s professional lives or in motherhood, this steadfast momma has always been by their side.

So join us as we celebrate this multilingual matriarch's zest for life and why it’s the secret ingredient in the sisters recipe for success.

All Things Julia Martin:

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About Hey Sis, Eat This

We are two sisters, born and raised in Texas, who share a love of food, friends, and a wicked sense of humor! On the Hey Sis, Eat This podcast, we celebrate moms and meals, inspired by our very own Momma Ashley, a former chef and always the hostess with the mostess!

What you'll hear:

  • What we've been cookin', who we've been entertainin', and any kitchen conundrums of the week... often in our Momma's Texas accent

  • Chatting with siblings about what it was like around their dinner table growing up, favorite family recipes and stories that celebrate moms

  • Interviews with celebrity chefs, restaurateurs, and culinary entrepreneurs about the influence and inspiration from their moms

  • Weekly recipes from us and our guests posted out the Hey Sis, Eat This website

  • We want to hear from Y'all!

- Recipes from our Us and Our Guests:

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Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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