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Jantie's Chili Biscuits

According to siblings Katie and Sam Williams, Momma Jan LOVES to use canned biscuit dough for just about anything but these chili biscuits are the family's favorite!

Jantie's Chili Biscuits

Why it's on our list

When Katie and Sam were describing some of their favorite dishes from childhood, Chili Biscuits were on the top of that list. We love this recipe because it's versatile enough to serve as a main course, an appetizer or a football season snack.


  • 1 can of biscuit dough

  • Chili - your favorite recipe, we make it easy and use a box of chili mix and ground beef

  • Shredded Mexican cheese or cheddar cheese

  • Sour cream

  • Jalapenos - fresh or pickled


Preheat oven according to the can of biscuits.

Make chili. Use either canned, store bought or homemade chili.

Spray a muffin tin with non stick spray. Press one biscuit into each muffin cup on the tin making sure to press up the sides

Spoon 1-3 spoonful's of chili into the biscuit dough in the muffin tin.

Top muffins with grated cheese.

Bake according the biscuit instructions or until golden brown

Let cool. Then run a knife around the outside of the biscuit to pop it out

Top with sour cream, jalapenos, chives, Fritos, and more chili or enjoy as is


Serve it up!

Do you have a creative way to serve chili? Send us a note!

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