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Hey Sis Signature Dirty Martini AKA: "The Dirty Sis"

If you want to listen to the podcast in real style, head to the kitchen with this cocktail recipe so you listen along for some laughs and a great drink.

The Painfully Cold Hey Sis Signature Martini
The Painfully Cold Hey Sis Signature Martini

Why it's on our list

Since we first shared an apartment in LA 20-ish years ago, we’ve been drinking dirty martinis. This recipe is nothing new, but we learned from one of our podcast guests a while back that if you order this at a restaurant, be sure to ask for a slightly dirty martini with a side of olive juice that way you get me vodka!

Some may say we have a drinking problem, but we think we are economical!

Courtney & Whitney


Hey Sis Signature Dirty Martini

Ingredients for 1 martini

  • 5 ounces of Tito’s Vodka

  • ½ ounce of Olive juice plus more for the side

  • Blue cheese

  • 3 Olives with no pimento

The Good Part

  1. Add Ice to a cocktail shaker

  2. Pour in the vodka and the olive juice

  3. Shake it like a polaroid picture till it’s painfully cold

  4. Strain into a martini glass or over ice in a glass

  5. To make the blue cheese olives, take a small spoon and use it to get the blue cheese into the olive and then smooth it out with your finger. Skewer with a pick

  6. Serve the martini with a side of olive juice and add till you love it

I'd like a slightly dirty martini, with some dirt on the side – Vicki D.

Drink up!

We've had friends and family iterate on this long-standing recipe, with variations that include everything imaginable, including pickle juice. Which is very good... but nothing beats the original.

We'd like to know if you've got a special version of this fantastic cocktail. Please send us a note!

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