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Episode 9: Sisters Dish: The Great Freezer Audit

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 9: Sisters Dish: The Great Freezer Audit

The sisters are just about ready to break up with cooking after a marathon week together in LA trying out new recipes. After rehashing their fave dishes, they discuss their different styles of entertaining guests and how Whitney’s low key approach to dinner parties gives Courtney too much anxiety.

It’s almost time to celebrate National Siblings Day where the girls are calling all sibs to dial into the Hey Sis Hotline (866-4-HEYSIS) with funny stories. To get the party started, Court and Whit recount a few instances from their past when they’ve gotten in trouble with Momma Ashley, an unfortunate incident in the family station wagon and a time in Vegas where the ladies were a bit too inebriated.

Finally, on this edition of Sister’s Dish, Momma Ashley joins the girls as Whitney goes through her recent freezer audit of Momma’s 3 freezers. Court & Whit grill her on expiration dates as Momma continues to defend that anything and everything in there “will be fine!” Courtney then challenges her to take some of the older items and make an “It'll be fine” meal to see if the severe freezer burn really has affected her pork chops and if pesto can be made from old AF shishito peppers.

It’s all there to laugh along with on episode 9 of Hey Sis Eat This, Sister’s Dish!


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney

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