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Episode 8: Spite Food & Bull Shots While Talkin' Texan!

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 8: Spite Food & Bull Shots While Talkin' Texan!

The sarcasm is explosive on this episode of Hey Sis, Eat This when the Shaw Siblings, Jason, Colin and Lindsay chat with Courtney & Whitney about the incredible Momma Susan, the family’s infamous “Mexican Food” and all the trouble they caused growing up in Dallas.

The jury is still out on who’s to blame for setting fire to the mantel and almost ruining Christmas and the siblings continue to feud over who’s coffee cake won in the family's holiday “coffee cake off!” Between ghost driving vehicles and drunk teens in a suburban, it’s a miracle no one was ever arrested in this colorful family!

While Momma Susan knew her way around the kitchen thanks to every under mount appliance ever made, Lindsay discusses her vehement hatred of her mom's egg salad that she only made when Lindsay was in trouble. Thanks to the family dog, Jason managed to dodge his most dreaded dish of green beans for a whole year while Colin calls out the injustices of discipline between older and younger siblings. The episode culminates when both sets of siblings breakdown why they all feel the need to talk "REAL country" when imitating their mothers Texas accents.

Tune in for one of a kind recipes, hilarious family tales and how a “Bull shot Cocktail” will be your new favorite morning beverage!



Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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