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Episode 6: Little Debbie’s, 69, & Drunk Moms

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 6: Little Debbie’s, 69, & Drunk Moms

Whitney’s Bestie from LA, Claudia DiRomualdo and her older sister Vickie join the sisters to dish on their fabulous Momma Janice who is known for liking food but loving fashion more. Sharing the same 6 year age gap as the Ashley sisters, Claudia recalls what an amazing babysitter Vickie was growing up while Vickie shares that Momma Janice’s cure for any illness is a glass of wine and a bowl of pasta.

Speaking of pasta, it’s discovered that Momma Janice made freakishly huge meatballs and during a health kick decided to omit the rue from her chicken pot pie recipe resulting in a dish looking like biscuits bobbing in dish water.

Vickie reveals how Momma Janice broke down the birds and the bees to her and shares her own tale of having to explain to her two young daughters why people always laugh at the number 69.

All the sisters practically die of laughter when sharing drunk mom stories and Whitney runs the risk of never being invited back to a DiRomualdo thanksgiving when she tells the story of Momma Janice mistakenly eating raw beef after 1 ½ glasses of Chardonnay.



Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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