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Episode 51: Farm to Table with the Chou Siblings

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 51 Farm to Table with the Chou Siblings

Meet Tyler and Geoff, two siblings blowing up the” you tubes” with her legal advice channel The Creators' Attorney and his food channel focusing on his Taiwanese family’s recipes and vegetable farm in Ontario, CA.

Tyler Chou, an attorney and content creator, shares her journey of starting her own YouTube channel after having a midlife crises and discovering a passion for representing other content creators. Geoff, Tyler’s younger brother by 15 years who now runs the farm is on a mission to carry on his family’s farming legacy while also preserving his mother’s traditional Taiwanese recipes for future generations.

They share with us the challenges of growing up Asian-American in a predominantly white community with immigrant parents who do not speak English. Spending their weekends working with their parents selling flowers at swap meets to transitioning to the demands of farming, life wasn’t always easy in the Chou household. However, these siblings recall an abundance of love and food in their childhood home where Tyler introduced the phrase, “I love you” to the family and was an integral part of raising Geoff to be a well adjusted American teenager. 

Their parents kept the kids close and sheltered in their tight-knit Chinese community where Momma Sherry regularly entertained large groups of friends with her incredible food. Matriarch, Momma Sherry, continues to keep her family close today by cooking her famous dishes for her kids and grandkids any chance she can get using vegetables from the family farm.

It’s a beautiful story of one family’s struggles and triumphs as they work tirelessly to preserve their beautiful and delicious heritage while adapting to a very different American way of life. 


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney

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