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Episode 50: Sister From Another Mister

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 50: Sister From Another Mister

We are excited to welcome to the podcast two sisters from another mister, Jaimie & Casey. Two Bay Area besties who were so inseparable during childhood and beyond that there is no other word to describe their relationship than straight up family.

Going back and forth between two dinner tables, growing up, Casey and Jaimie experienced not only different cuisines but also how motherly love can be shown in more ways than one. When the girls were at Jaimie’s house they were raised by Momma Sue, the free spirited, tell me your feelings kind of mom, who made organic food and loved to know everything going on in the girls lives. Casey’s Grandma Betty took her in after her mom passed away when she was 7.Grandma Betty was from an older generation and showed love in a more stoic way. While she wasn’t the warm and fuzzy type, this hard working school lunch lady provided for Casey the best she knew how and it was the unspoken gestures the girls reveal in this interview that show the deep commitment Betty had to raising Casey.

There is no shortage of dinner table stories with these two who fondly look back on Momma Sue’s delicious salads and organic offerings to Grandma Betty’s leftover enchiladas from the school’s cafeteria. Junior high and high school did not go without challenges for these besties who had their fair share of teenage idiot tales that involve taser guns and hair dye.

The love and bond is deep between these two and their support for one another, unyielding. As Casey became more of a fixture in Jaimie’s household, Momma Sue had no issue disciplining Casey and making sure she stayed on track when things got tough for her in high school. The always supportive Momma Sue continued to be there for Jaimie when she came out after college and continues to be her biggest supporter and a champion of Jaimie’s mission to bring awareness to LGBTQ+ families everywhere on her award winning podcast, The Queer Family Podcast.

You won’t want to miss this special episode as we laugh, cry and continue to celebrate all the kinds of Mommas out there providing love, support and guidance whether they birthed them or not.


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney

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