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Episode 47: Chef Shane, The Happy Cook

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 46: Chef Shane, The Happy Cook

We are thrilled to welcome the talented, creative and wildly artistic chef, Shane Fatemian AKA Chef Shane, to the podcast! Shane became an instagram sensation when he started posting his over the top spreads from his private chef events in Los Angeles. His artistic eye and his passion for amazing tasting food has catapulted his career to one of the most sought after private chefs in LA. 

Born in Iran, Shane’s family escaped to Southern California for a few short years in his youth, only to return to Iran during the revolution. When Shane was 15 and wanted to fight for his country, his parents feared for his life and had him smuggled out of Iran for his own protection. Several years and four countries later, Shane ended up back in Southern California working his way through restaurants, owning his own and eventually landing at Soho House where he’s created menus for the clubs many locations around the world. 

Never forgetting the flavors, freshness and bountiful spreads from his youth in Iran, Persian influence is reflected in so much of Shane’s cooking today. However one might say the special sauce to Shane’s food is his mindfulness and positive energy he feels while cooking. Inspired by his grandmother who he recalls as a “happy cook,” Chef Shane insists that approaching the ingredients with happy thoughts will make the food taste incredible.

From childhood memories of extravagant neighborhood block parties in Iran to his very simple favorite dish of tomatoes and bread, we learn what inspires Chef Shane to create the stunningly visual and delicious food that he prepares with so much love, today. You might also learn how to up your kids snack game! Happy listening!


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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