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Episode 46: A Couple Of Very Fine Wines

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 46: A Couple Of Very Fine Wines

We are back at it again, taking a trip down memory lane with two sisters from our childhood, Haley and Annabelle Wine. These two much younger siblings were always around during our holidays, graduations, proms and countless meals in between. Their Mother, Momma Kathy was BFF’s with Momma Ashley and we learn that Momma Ashley was a mentor mom to Kathy teaching her Jedi mom skills such as how to detect if your child has been drinking.

Haley and Annabelle have fond memories of the Ashley sisters and admit that they idolized us when they were little. Whitney, who babysat these girls practically every weekend during her middle school years, has a vivid memory of Momma Kathy’s babysitting binder filled with numbers and protocols in case of emergency. Haley and Annabelle’s memories, however, are of "Whitney being the coolest," riding around in her black Jeep and going to the tanning salon.

Thank goodness these girls had the fabulous Momma Kathy to keep them on the right track. Haley and Annabelle lovingly describe Momma Kathy as an incredible mother who knows her way around the kitchen, getting many of her beloved recipes from her mother in law, Momma Dot. Kathy had dinner on the table every night when the girls were growing up and now that the sisters are older, she hosts both girls families every Sunday night.

Kathy was the kind of mom that welcomed the girls friends into their home with open arms and no judgment. She was always volunteering at the school, never missed a game, and continues to show up for all of it, once again, as a doting grandmother. So put your buns in the bathroom and fill your Ozarka bottle with vodka because you’re about to learn a lot about these delicious fine Wines!


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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