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Episode 41: A Bone-Appetite Halloween Episode

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 41: Bone-Appetite Halloween Episode

This week on Hey Sis, Eat This the sisters welcome Momma Ashley to recap all the Halloween food and festivities! The party gets started in Dallas when Whitney transforms last week’s geriatric party “Mr. Six” costume into the Phantom of the Opera, while Courtney rides Whitney's costume coat tails with her old Björk swan costume. Whitney and Momma Ashley boast the hottest trick-or-treating spot in Dallas right on Viewside Drive where children come far and wide to see Whitney and Lance's incredible decorations and parents come to sip libations from neighbor Seldon and David’s illegal front yard bar featuring Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktails.

In LA, Courtney is recovering from her epic 70+ person Halloween bash but thanks to G-sheets and a timeline it went off without a hitch. Going against Whitney’s advice to keep it simple, Courtney makes enough food to feed an army. From beef and bison chili, and dill pickle dip to her famous brisket tacos there was something for everyone. However, in true LA fashion, her cornbread sat untouched since no one freaking eats carbs in this state!

Then we catch up with Momma Ashley to hear all about her thriving catering business that’s keeping her busier than ever. It wouldn’t be a Sisters Dish episode without a few kitchen conundrums! Momma Ashley almost burns her buns when her oven locks up before a catering gig. Courtney’s kitchen is saved with a Momma’s tip on how to get the dead hooker smell out of your house after cooking seafood.

You won’t want to miss hearing about our favorite costumes, recipes and stories where we share tips on how to eat, drink and be scary!!


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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