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Episode 40: Sweet Corn, Slow Cooker and the Side Queen

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 40: Sweet Corn, Slow Cooker and the Side Queen

It’s our first ever 3 brother interview with Alex, Kyle and Jordan Rasch! Growing up in the very small town of Mascoutah, Illinois, population 7,500, these brothers spent their time between their grandparents farm and their childhood home, one stoplight away. Food played a huge role in the upbringing of these mid-western brothers and their extended family, where a 30 plus person Sunday supper cooked by their blind grandma took place every weekend at the family farm, come rain, snow or shine.

While the brothers claim their mom, Cheryl, AKA Chi Chi or just Cheech, brings the flavor with her personality over her food, she was certainly no stranger to cooking. We dive into the world of Momma Chi Chi who is one of seven siblings raised on a crop farm that she actually lives on today. Chi Chi’s boys have fond memories of shucking and preserving sweet corn with their cousins to store up for the winter but when Summer came around, meals shifted to crockpots in the camper because Chi Chi much preferred to be out on the lake as opposed to in the kitchen.

Camping at the lake with her sons was a favorite past time for Momma Chi Chi who strung up her jalapeno lights, made friends with everyone at the site, always offered to bring the side dishes to the picnics and was in no rush to get the boys home when school was starting.

But the greatest culinary memory for the brothers is the infamous Amann family cookbook, "From Our Home To Yours" that was created, curated and bound together in one big assembly line by Momma Chi Chi and her 6 siblings. Filled with family recipes and cocktails, the boys admit that this family cookbook is a true heirloom that they all cherish and actually cook from on the regular.

Momma Chi Chi is one momma that deserves to be celebrated in true Hey Sis fashion! Her lively personality, dedication to family, fun and adventure created a wonderful childhood for her three boys who love and adore her completely. So crack open a Zima because Chi Chi would want you to and enjoy the hilarious tales from the Rasch brothers.


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney

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