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Episode 39: Torry The Tornado Featuring the Neitzel Siblings

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 39: Torry The Tornado Featuring the Neitzel Siblings

Courtney and Whitney are in full Halloween planning mode with their impending annual bashes on the horizon. The sisters debate whether to cook a smorgasbord of random food, trying once again to please everyone or just keep it simple for their sanity!

Momma Ashley has another recipe win with her Texas inspired Pecan Pesto which the sisters claim is their favorite, yet. Causing trouble as she always does, Whitney almost gets arrested at a Beastie Boys cover band concert for being a ‘lil idiot.

Then it’s time to duck and cover! The Neitzel sibs are in the house to celebrate Momma Torry AKA “Torry the Tornado! There was never a dull moment with this whimsical momma who was always up for an adventure. Whitney’s high school girl crush, Elyse, joins the sisters with her two brothers, Michael and Chef Johnathan to reminisce about favorite dishes, family vacations and of course, Halloween. And it wouldn’t be a Hey Sis sibling episode without a few teenage idiot stories that involved Momma Torry’s intervention. Join us as we crack up alongside this trio and honor the woman who was nothing less than “over the moon” for her children.


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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