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Episode 32: Back to School with Momma June & Mr. Doughboy featuring Sophie & Brandon Pierce

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 32: Back to School with Momma June & Mr. Doughboy with Sophie & Brandon Pierce

Sophie and Brandon Pierce are on Hey Sis, Eat This, this week, representing 2 out of the 5 siblings who hale from Verplanck, New York. These two artistic siblings sit down to dish on how the beautiful and very patient Momma June managed a household with 4 boys and 1 girl on top of being a kindergarten teacher. The siblings recall how Momma June was the kind of mom who welcomed her kids home from school with warm chocolate chip cookies, and took holidays to the extreme! Whether it was heart shaped meatloafs on Valentines Day or pistachio cakes on St. Patrick's Day, this Momma loved to indulge her family with good food and lots of love!

Dinner time was a family affair every night of the week with Sophie and Brandon’s Portuguese grandmother often at the helm of the kitchen. While Brandon says there were lots of fights over trying to get as much food on their plate as possible, the siblings also remember tons of food on their dinner table where dad often grilled steaks to supplement the meal.

During family vacations at the Jersey Shore, the cooking didn’t stop. Summer time was filled with meals of lobsters and clams, a tradition that the siblings carry on today with their own families.

From home perms to bowl cuts, Momma June was all about efficiency when it came to her 5 kids hairstyles. After one too many uneven bowl cuts using sewing scissors and Tupperware, the Pierce brothers took beauty into their own hands by meticulously cutting each others hair for the rest of their childhood and teen years. The tables have now turned and we learn that Momma June has also taken beauty into her own hands at this stage of her life. She’s traded in baking cookies for focusing on makeup and self care and we say to Momma June, you go girl! You’ve earned it!!

Then much to our surprise and appreciation, we welcome a 3rd guest to the podcast, Mr. Doughboy. Sophie presents the us with her first ever homemade sourdough bread which also happens to be a total panty dropper!

There is so much family love and nostalgia in this episode, it makes you want to curl up with a casserole and watch a hallmark movie.


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney

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