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Episode 30: Beef & Botanicals (Featuring Simone Moran)

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 30: Beef & Botanicals (Featuring Simone Moran)

Today on Sister’s Dish, we are all beefed out after several days of cooking together in the Los Angeles Hey Sis, Eat This "test kitchen". While there were plenty of “amazings” and “panty droppers,” to note, it wouldn’t be cooking with the Ashley sisters, if they’re weren’t a few kitchen conundrums along the way.

We also have the honor of sitting down with the incredibly inspiring and BADASS lady, Simone Moran. Simone is a multi talented herbalist, acupuncturist, creator and CEO of Plant Botanicals, a farm to bottle, sustainable line of spirits that is made up, in her words, of only “the good shit!”

Simone shares with us how a tragic accident in her 20’s involving a pressure cooker put her in the ICU for a month and lead her down a very scary path of self destruction and opioid dependency. We also hear how she heroically transformed this life altering event into an obsession with health and wellness, a career in herbal medicine which ultimately led her to starting her impressive beverage company, Plant Botanicals.

While traveling the world learning everything she could about plant medicine and herbal remedies, she stumbled across a very unique alcohol in Asia that was cleaner and tastier than anything she had ever experienced before. When she discovered that there were no hangovers involved, she knew she had found something special and needed to share it with others.

Like us, we know you will be touched by Simone’s human transformation from pain and helplessness to a deep passion for helping herself and others who have had similar experiences.

Simone’s dedication to wellness is at the heart of everything she does from her line of herbal medicines and acupuncture treatments to her delicious Plant Botanical seltzers and vodka. This woman is a force and we’re thrilled to introduce her to you!

To learn more follow Plant Botanicals @plantsloveyou or to find out where to purchase visit


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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