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Episode 29: Fireball, Fake ID’s, April Fools

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast
HEY SIS, EAT THIS PODCAST: Fake ID's, April Fools and Fireballs with the Williams Siblings

Episode 28: Fireball, Fake ID's, & April Fools

Today on HSET, we interview our much younger cousins, Katie and Sam Williams who share with us what it was like growing up with a mom who takes motherhood to the next level, even if it means breaking the law!!

From taking Katie and her friends to get fake ID’s in high school, to customized hot breakfasts 5 days a week, there was nothing Momma Jan wouldn’t do for her kids!

With the exception of Friday through Sunday when her “kitchen was closed,” Jan’s sacred dinner table began with a prayer and a home cooked meal. Over her famous chili biscuits, delicious flour tortilla enchiladas or the occasional dreaded tilapia, Jan made sure to connect with her family by asking her kids a comprehensive list of questions she’d think of during the day.

A frequent entertainer of guests in their home, the kids reveal some of Jan’s dirty little entertaining secrets. We also learn that after one wild party, Momma Jan and her sister channel their drill team days in the living room with some sisterly competition.

Her passion IS her family and we hear that in every story these siblings tell. Not afraid to call it like it was or forgive Sam after a night of debauchery, Jan guided these two with love, compassion, humor and understanding. In the words of Sam, “She will always go to bat for you even when you might not need someone to go to bat for you!” and in the words of Katie, “If I could be half as good of a mom as my mom was to me, I will have succeeded in everything I was called to do on this earth.” Now that’s one helluva Momma!


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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