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Episode 27: Sisters Dish: Happy Days Are Here Again! Jim Meskiman

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 27: Sisters Dish: Happy Days Are Here Again!

Happy Days are here again on this LOL episode with actor, comedian and world famous impressionist, Jim Meskiman! The sisters were introduced to Jim when he was a budding actor in 1984. Jim was the star of their father, Glenn’s award winning ad campaign for a Texas grocery store chain. Starring in over 100 commercials, this campaign launched Jim’s long and robust career as an actor, improviser and voice over artist.

On this episode, the girls reunite Glenn and Jim after 30 years where they recall old days on the set, laughing about the illegal audition and Jim's mandatory readings of the grocery store's "weekly specials!"

But it wouldn’t be a Hey Sis episode if we didn’t talk about mommas and Jim’s momma happens to be one of the most infamous mommas of all times! Momma Marion Ross, also known to America as Marion Cunningham from Happy Days, was a single mom who worked tirelessly raising her two children while also pursuing her lifelong dream of being an actor. We learned that times were tight before the years of Happy Days and luxuries such as hairdryers were a hard no in Marion’s home. While she was known to the world as the quintessential 50’s stay at home mom, Jim describes the real Marion as a driven, independent woman who ditched her apron when it was a wrap. Jim recalls family dinners of green beans in a can but holds no resentment as she always provided food, fun and plenty of pranks.

Then we have the honor of hearing some of Jim’s uncanny impressions of famous actors as he reads off a list of famous Momma Ashley sayings. If you’ve ever been curious to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger imitate Momma Ashley then tune in now!!


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney

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