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Episode 26: Rattle Snakes, Ristoranti, and Rolling Dough

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast
HEY SIS, EAT THIS PODCAST: Rattle Snakes, Ristoranti, and Rolling Dough

Episode 26: Rattle Snakes, Ristoranti, and Rolling Dough

The Sisters are back from their Summer vacations and are joined by Momma Ashley to recap their travels. Whitney ate her weight in Lobster rolls in the Hamptons and filled her face with Naples style pizza in NYC at L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele with Steve Sink! The pizza did not stop there as Whitney and Lance road tripped with their Ooni pizza oven to Del Norte, CO where they cooked up pies for 25 people at the Askew family ranch. According to Whitney it would not be a proper Summer ranch trip without a naked photo shoot in the mountains and a rattle snake encounter.

Crazy Courtney Crostini was scouring Italy for pasta and gelato but fell short on finding the signature Dirty Sis Martini. She managed to escape getting Covid from Jason but not from sleeping in the crack of the bed between her two daughters. Courtney states for the record that Venice is a tourist trap after a local food tour from a Vegan which ended at a restaurant with penis shaped bottles filled with limoncello. She found the crostini of her dreams in Florence and managed to conquer some of her germophobia at a hands on pasta making class. The best thing Courtney ate was the key lime risotto at a steak restaurant in Forte dei Marmi which the sisters will attempt to recreate.

While the sisters were off eating and drinking, Momma Ashley was holding down the fort on Viewside Drive. Between gardening and keeping Whitney's pool full of water, she kept busy making homemade chicken stock and cheesecake with some soon to be expired cream cheese.

The Ashley Gals will be toasting to this episode with a limoncello spritz! Buon Appetito!


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney

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