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Episode 19: Sweet Southern Frosted Flake

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 19: Sweet Southern Frosted Flake

Today we are thrilled to introduce these sweetie-pies from Winston-Salem, Brianna and Brittni. Brianna, the owner of Winston Pies, an incredible chain of pie shops in Southern California and her charming sister, Brittni, join us to reminisce about growing up in the South with their Southern Frosted Flake of a mother, Beverly. An avid baker, choosing cakes and cookies over carrots and cauliflower for dinner, Momma Beverly, is one of the most magical moms we’ve ever been introduced to on this podcast.

Beverly, the opposite of a helicopter parent, chose to raise her children using, as the girls describe “broad bumper rails” for them to figure stuff out and encourage independence. This “highly emotionally intelligent” woman, described by Brittni, inspired creative thinking and self sufficiency while teaching the girls that they can accomplish anything they want if they work hard enough for it.

The sisters reveal that dinner was often left for them to prepare with one Taco night ending up in the ER for Brittni. Christmas was and still is celebrated with such family traditions of matching PJ's and morning cinnamon buns. B & B share Momma Bev's favorite saying "It Could Happen".

From four feet long Oscar the Grouch cakes to formal tea parties set with stuffed animals at the dining room table, Beverly showed her love through homemade sweets and hospitality. You'll love all the sweetness in this delicious episode of Hey Sis, Eat This and learn that it doesn't’ take a traditional dining table or a savory meal to bring love, joy and loyalty to family dinners.


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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