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Episode 18: A Meal Like Momma Makes!

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 18: Sisters Dish - A Meal Like Momma Makes

On this week’s episode of Sisters Dish, the girls are feeling better and have lots to chat about! Whitney discovered pizza crack at a dinner party, Courtney continued creating crazy crostinis and Momma Ashley stumbled upon a flock of mounting mallards on her power walk. The girls also discuss their love of the GREAT Chef Andre Rush and make a plea for him to be a guest on Hey Sis! After that, Momma’s in the house!

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and Margaret & Carol are here to prove it! On this week’s sentimental episode we sit down with Momma Ashley and one of her BFF’S, Momma Carol to discuss the ins the outs, the trials and tribulations and all of the laughter that went on during the height of their catering careers. Long time friend, Carol Carter, was Momma Ashley’s right hand women when she launched her catering business, Always Out to Lunch Catering, in the mid 2000’s. However, in the throws of divorces, these two were far from ladies who lunched! Instead, we hear how these heroic women picked themselves up by the bootstraps, turned lemons into lemonade and learned the definition of resilience at a time when most of their friends were thinking about retirement.

You’ll be completely inspired as you listen to these two strong-ass women share with us how they worked themselves to the bone taking any job that came their way. We discuss how they catered everything from weddings and corporate events to the little old ladies bible study who poop poo'd their dainty finger sandwiches and demanded “a meal like momma makes!”

From slinging beer bottles in the middle of the night to scraping a vat of mac & cheese off the floor, there was nothing these mommas couldn’t handle in the kitchen. As they were simultaneously going through divorce after decades of marriage, these incredible women made cooking together their therapy and laughter their medicine. Despite the hardships of having to start new lives in their 50’s, they look back on that time fondly as a period of growth where they learned how to be independent, that you don’t need a man to be happy and that self love is the most important thing of all. We couldn’t be more in awe of these mommas who have had an indelible impact on who we are as women today. For anyone going through a challenging time in life, we hope this episode gives you some hope that you are not alone, time heals everything, and you’re much stronger than you think! Oh! And don’t forget to laugh!!


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney

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