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Episode 14: Corneas, Kitties, & Rink Tum Ditty

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast
HEY SIS, EAT THIS PODCAST: Ep 14 Corneas, Kitties, & Rink Tum Ditty

Episode 14: Corneas, Kitties, and Rink Tum Ditty

This week Courtney and Whitney kick off the episode with a recap of their wild weekend and are joined by Momma Ashley to make sure they don’t miss any details. The sisters were together in Dallas over the weekend to podcast, cook together, and party it up for Whitney’s birthday.

Then, Court & Whit have the pleasure of talking to a reverend, a lawyer, and an architect! Andy, David, and Christine Odom have been longtime friends of the Ashley family and as kids these siblings grew up laughing together and getting into trouble in the pews of the neighborhood church. The Odom’s also open up about their dinner table and how it was often a difficult place to be until they were a little older. We hear how Momma Rita heroically navigated a divorce while co-parenting and because of her incredible strength was able to bring joy and laughter back to the dinner table.

The siblings recount that while Rita always had dinner on the table, it was her desserts, especially an old family chocolate pie recipe, where she really shined. The laughter really begins when the Odom’s tell the sisters about how Momma Rita handled the two family cats giving birth at the exact same time and one odd job Momma Rita once had that scared the kids from peeking into the refrigerator.

We hope other parents listening who might be co-parenting can learn from this episode bc it is filled with love and laughter despite some of the hardships of having divorced parents. We can certainly relate to that.


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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