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Episode 13: Meal & A Spiel

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 13: Sisters Dish - Meal & A Spiel

This week on Sisters Dish, the girls catch up after a weekend of more cooking and more funny Momma Ashley stories. Between planning her costume for Whit's upcoming birthday party to hounding the sisters to book colonoscopies, Momma proves you never stop being a momma! Courtney reveals that while she hasn’t been able to get her colonoscopy quite yet, she has been experimenting with some alternative medicine for period cramps. Spoiler alert…it’s illegal in most places!!

Also on this episode, we are thrilled to welcome chef and cookbook author, Elana Horwich to the podcast! Elana is a fascinating and super talented woman who authored the hit cookbook, Meal & A Spiel, How To Be A Badass In The Kitchen, has fed many of Hollywood’s elite and founded the infamous cooking school in Los Angeles, Meal & A Spiel. In addition to her culinary gifts, we learn that Elana has traveled the world, speaks several languages, is a former high school history teacher, and a stand-up comedian.

We also get a taste of Elana’s colorful journey into cooking and her lifelong love of food. From experimenting in her childhood kitchen, a place she went to hide from her mom, to living in Italy and learning to cook from Italian Mommas, Elana takes us with her as she recalls her greatest inspiration behind her delicious recipes.

This woman is truly the definition of BADASS and her gift of storytelling makes you feel like you’re right there in the kitchen with her. If you’re as inspired as us, make sure to purchase her cookbook at It’s filled with simple and delicious recipes, looks beautiful on the shelf and also makes the perfect gift for Mother’s Day! Ciao Bella!


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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