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Episode 12: The Cooks, The Crabs, & The Inspector

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast
HEY SIS, EAT THIS PODCAST: SISTERS DISH #12 The Cooks, The Crabs & The Inspector

Episode 12: The Cooks, The Crabs & The Inspector

Courtney & Whitney are thrilled to welcome longtime sibling pals, Rachael Leigh Cook & Ben Cook to Hey Sis, Eat This. We quickly learn that talent runs rampant in this family starting with the incredible and insanely talented Momma Joanne who says her greatest gift is her ability to teach herself. Learning 6 languages on her own, a self taught cook that lead to being a sou chef for Jacque Pepin and teaching herself piano after the age of 40 is just the beginning of what you will discover about this week’s Momma!

Rachael and Ben have Court and Whit cracking up as they recount what it was like around their dinner table and the gradual dimming of lights throughout the meal. From vinyl records to postcards from around the world, the siblings recall fondly how the treasures from weekend “Garage Sale-ing” were the backdrop to so many hilarious childhood memories.

Not only can Momma Joanne cook, thrift shop and speak 6 languages, we also discover where Rachael gets her acting chops when the siblings recall an instance from childhood where Momma Joanne was driven to deliver an Oscar worthy home performance as “The Inspector” after she had enough of the kids untidy rooms.

The laughs don’t stop on this episode of Hey Sis, Eat This where we get an up close glimpse of all the love, magic and creativity Joanne Cook has given and still gives to her adoring family. So put your PJ's on, curl up with a bowl of homemade pasta and join us as we take a trip to the place we'd all like to go, Joanne Land!


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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