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Episode 11: Tube Socks, a Tour Bus & Tube Meat

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 11: Tube Socks, a Tour Bus & Tube Meat

On this weeks Sisters Dish episode, there are some serious bites to catch up on after Courtney's CRAZY CROSTINI making weekend! Whitney hosted a BBQ for the usual Viewside Dr. suspects with more smoking than drinking going on! Momma Ashley is getting tired of the sisters dishing on her on the podcast so Court & Whit make a public apology and a plea to Momma to let them keep sharing the "real" stories. Easter and Passover are on the horizon and the sisters talk about what they're going to drink to get themselves through another family holiday.

Also on Sisters' Dish, everyone has been asking us, "Who sings your theme song? It's so great, we can't stop singing it!" We totally agree and love it so much that we begged our magic music making friends, Jessica Maros and Tyler James to come on and chat with us about how they created this masterpiece!!

On this rare episode of Sisters Dish, we get the honor of sitting down and talking to the dynamic duo behind the band, Escondido, who Whitney, begged, accosted and as we find out, didn't give them a choice to compose our theme song. And we are so glad she did!! Jess and Tyler take us back to how they started making music together, their favorite venues to perform in around the world, one crazy night after appearing on Conan O'Brien and of course some of their favorite dishes. We also get an intimate play by play of the magical night the Hey Sis, Eat This theme song was created and what it took to get their creative juices flowing. Spoiler alert... it wasn't Dirty Martinis!

We are eternally grateful for our sweet song and just loved having the opportunity to shoot the breeze with these two incredibly creative and generous artists. This one is a must listen because we will be playing a little of their music in lieu of our usual transition music. We hope you enjoy the show! Yee haw!!


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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