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Episode 10: The Saint Who Gives Hell Points to Quidditch Players

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Episode 10: The Saint Who Gives Hell Points to Quidditch Players

Texas gals are in the house on episode 10 of Hey Sis Eat This! The Broas Sisters, who were raised in Dallas just like Courtney and Whitney, come together to discuss their affinity for Quidditch, baking sweets, and their much younger homecoming king brother, Peter, who is the entire family’s favorite child.

This artsy trio discuss what it was like growing up in Texas with a mom so amazing, they call her Saint Lori. The girls reminisce how their childhood dinner table was full of chaos and spit balls while Momma Lori still managed to serve incredible meals that went above and beyond your everyday spaghetti and tacos. However, when Rachel once snubbed Lori’s Roast Beef and Kluski, a battle ensued that lasted well past the meal and even involved a belt…

In the Broas household, Momma Lori always took birthdays to the next level, a tradition that has followed Sam and Rachel to LA. We also discuss holiday food and traditions and why it’s a mad race to get up fist Christmas morning before the other siblings except for Audrey who gets to sit at the right hand of Saint Lori, baking, as the family’s resident pastry chef!

The love is real in this family and the food is awesome! So sit back, relax and and get ready to giggle as we hear what it was like growing up a Broas with a saint as a mom!


Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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