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Episode 1: Mommy Dearest & Dirty Martinis

Hey Sis, Eat This Podcast

Mommy Dearest & Dirty Martinis

On the first episode of Hey Sis, Eat This, get to know Courtney and Whitney and how they’ve been preparing for this podcast their entire lives. Growing up in Dallas with parents who were always entertaining friends, the sisters have been honing their cooking and party-throwing skills since birth.

The sisters reminisce on their colorful childhood full of pranks that led them to finally become besties once Whitney was of legal (questionable) drinking age. We learn that Courtney & Whitney are passionate about keeping the “Art of the Dinner Party” alive, but oddly no one ever reciprocates the invite. We also discover that cooking with the Ashley sisters is a party. While there can be kitchen conundrums, food and entertaining are their love language inherited from their mom.

Next comes the show's real STAR, Margaret, AKA Momma Ashley, a caterer, and entertainer extraordinaire! Momma sits down with the girls to drink dirty martinis while she fondly remembers her own mother, who would often embarrass her as a teen in her constant stop and chats with complete strangers, a habit that all the Ashley women continue to carry on today. She also dishes on Courtney’s driving record, Whitney being frequently on “house arrest,” and who pisses her off the most. So sit back, shake yourself a dirty one and enjoy the show!



We're so proud of this first episode and the sibling interviews that we have queued up for you in the coming weeks. We hope you'll shake a martini and listen along as we share many fantastic stories.

Love you, love your show!

Courtney & Whitney


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